Six gallon stoneware crock with a very attractive "Chicken Pickin'" cobalt blue decoration.


Five gallon stoneware crock, with a bold cobalt blue decoration consisting of a large bird on a branch.

White's Utica three gallon jug with unusual stylized bird decoration in cobalt blue.

Three gallon cobalt decorated stoneware jug with a spigot.

Small stoneware jar decorated with brown and black glaze, 9" high, inscribed "I. Seymour & Son. Troy.", circa 1850.

Six gallon ovoid stoneware crock, 16" high, with two ears and a bold cobalt blue floral decoration. The crock is impressed "J Weaver".

One gallon ovoid stoneware jug, 13.5" high, with a cobalt blue floral decoration. The jug is impressed "Jacob Caire & Co. / Poughkeepsie, NY".

A five-gallon stoneware crock brightly decorated with stylized lovebirds in cobalt blue.

Two gallon ovoid stoneware jug with a cobalt blue floral decoration.

3 gallon stoneware jug with unusual shape, having splashes of blue decoration on front and on handle, along with a blue "3". Unsigned.

Four gallon stoneware jug with large cobalt blue floral decoration, stamped "Cowden & Wilcox, Harrisburg".

Unusual burl compote, excellent turnings, dated 1875 under base and stamped "C. Snell". Almost invisible repair to column.


Painted wooden bucket with lid and handle, secured with metal bands.


Chalkware polychrome fruit garniture, 14" high. The polychrome decoration has some flaking, but the garniture has no cracks or chips. 19th century, Pennsylvania origin.

Cast iron door stop in the shape of an elephant reaching for coconuts in a palm tree.

Rockingham glazed spaniel, 11" high, 19th Century. Repair to the base.

Early tin coffee pot, outstanding form with ribbed pattern and attractive goose neck spout, opalescent knob on hinged lid, 11" tall, 19th century.


Child’s bench or settee, pine, original black paint.

Delft tobacco jar, decorated in blue with a smoking Indian, tobacco leaves, tobacco boxes and a tobacco jar.

Round wooden pantry box with lid, decorated with a painted folk art floral design.