Portraits of a Southern Family


Three folk art portraits of a Southern family, attributed to William L. Turner, (Kentucky, active first quarter of the 19th century).

The portraits are of Mr. and Mrs. “Napper” Tandy and Mrs. Elizabeth Huddleston, Mrs. Tandy’s mother, all of Mason County, KY. All three are finely attired and seated on a Federal sofa. The portraits, in sequence, show the scrolled arms and crest rail of the sofa. Mrs. Huddleston is holding the family bible and Mrs. Tandy is dressed in lace with pearls and a gold brooch. The portraits all have old restoration with varying amounts of craquelure.

The subjects were identified in a letter that originally accompanied the portraits, now lost, that mentioned family residences in Mason County, KY and VA. The attribution to William L. Turner is based on signed portraits painted in Elizabethtown, KY in 1824.

Provenance: Joan Brownstein

Dimensions: 30” high x 24” wide (each)

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