Portraits of a Mother and Child


Pair of folk art portraits of a mother and child. The child is holding a doll in a red dress and is seated in a paint decorated armchair. The doll is in a separate framed shadow box that accompanies the painting. The mother is wearing a brown dress with lace trim. Both paintings are very well done and are in excellent condition, having been professionally conserved. Circa 1845, VT origin.

Several photos, information provided by the family and other genealogical information accompany the paintings. As is so often the case, the genealogical information suggests that the family history, handed down through several generations, is somewhat erroneous. Based largely on the genealogical information, the child was most likely Abba Kimball Stocker, (1841-1881), and the mother was Martha Ann Stocker, (nee Hayes), (~1820-1843). Since the mother had died prior to the portrait of the child being painted, the mother's portrait was either posthumously painted at the same time as the child's portrait or painted a few years prior to that portrait.

According to the history taped to the back of the shadow box, Abba's great granddaughter said that the doll’s dress was in tatters when she inherited it and so she threw it away. It  was later replaced with another red dress made by a seamstress in NYC. A photo of the doll in the original tattered dress accompanies these portraits.

Dimensions: Child: 26½” x 32½”; Mother: 26½” x 31”

Viewed Area: Child: 22½” x 28½”; Mother: 22½” x 27”

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