Large Nautical Diorama


Magnificent nautical diorama in a deep frame.

This unusually large diorama features a sailing ship under full sail, constructed with great detail. Also present are two other small boats, with additional sailing ships in a stormy sea painted in the background. Also painted is a small town, a lighthouse and a full moon reflecting on the water. It is rare to see a diorama featuring such a scene at night.

The diorama is constructed with square nails, and is in excellent condition. Even the ship's rigging is intact. The sides of the diorama flare out but the bottom is flat. Thus, the diorama can either be hung or sat on a flat surface. This is the best diorama we have ever seen, much less owned, and would be a terrific addition to any folk art collection. 19th century, Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA origin..

Dimensions: 49” wide x 26” high x 5” deep.

Item No. 150148

Price: $8,900.

Sale Price: $6,900. (Firm)

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