Hudson Valley Landscape Painting - Prentice


We are proud to offer for sale an exceptional Hudson Valley landscape painting, o/c, attributed to Levi Wells Prentice, (1851–1935). Prentice was born in the Adirondacks and began his career painting landscapes there and later in the vicinity of Buffalo and Syracuse when his family subsequently moved to Syracuse. By 1894, he had moved to Brooklyn and there he focused exclusively on painting still lifes. Prentice's paintings are represented in many museums including the New York State Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Montclair Art Museum, Philbrook Museum of Art and Yale University Art Gallery.

This painting is entitled, “On the Chenango Near Sherburne” and is extremely well done, exhibiting a three-dimensional quality. It is framed in the original frame and is in excellent condition. Circa 1870-1880, New York State.

There are three labels pasted on the reverse. One is from H.P. Grundel's Rochester Art Gallery, a late 19th and early 20th century art gallery that sold both paintings and art supplies. The label suggests that Grundel either sold Prentice the frame for this painting or marketed the painting for Prentice. A second label is from Hollis Taggert Galleries, whose stated mission is to present museum quality works of art to the public. The address is listed as being in NY and DC, which was only the case for the years 1994-1996. A third label documents the gift of this painting from a mother to her daughter in 1954.

Dimensions: 38½” x 62½”; Viewed Area: 30” x 54”

Item No. 190070

Price: $8,500.

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