Folk Art Portrait of a Gentleman


Folk art portrait of a gentleman. The portrait is in good condition, having been professionally conserved and relined by Berry Hill Galleries in the 1970’s. However, the paint used in the repair of a tear in the forehead has aged and is now visible as slightly lighter than the surrounding area.

A photo of the back of the canvas, taken before the painting was relined, is attached. It shows a portrait of a man, perhaps the artist's first attempt that was deemed unsatisfactory by the sitter. It is signed and dated, “By Wellman Morrison/1845(?). Wellman (William) Morrison, (- 1857), was active in the United States and exhibited at the Boston Athenaeum.

Dimensions: 22¼” x 25¼”; Viewed Area: 17¾” x 20¾”

Item No. 210221

Price: $875.

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