Cherry Tall Case Clock


Cherry tall case clock, 7’ tall, with 8-day brass works in excellent running condition.

The clock boasts a beautiful case with very attractive inlay, reeded quarter columns and nice high feet. The dial is painted with intersecting red, green and yellow lines on a tan background, almost like a plaid, flanked with four quarter rounds in red and green with raised gold dots. There is a Federal swag at the top of the dial with an urn and raised gold dots. The bonnet is enhanced with three brass finials separated by wooden fretwork.

The clock has very appealing proportions, and is both simple and elegant at the same time. Circa 1790, New England. It is in very good condition, with the exception of some minor damage to the inlay in one small area of the base and the expected wear and tear caused by age and usage.

Item No. 130336

Price: $3,900.

Sale Price: $2,700. (Firm)

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