Six Gallon Stoneware Crock - Weaver

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Six Gallon Stoneware Crock - Weaver

Six gallon ovoid stoneware crock, 16" high, with two ears and a bold cobalt blue floral decoration. The crock is impressed "J Weaver".

John Weaver's pottery was located in Brighton Township, in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania. The ware made by the Weaver pottery was some of the finest produced in Beaver County. The clay body was a bright grey and functioned as a perfect background for the application of cobalt slip in the typical flower design. The Weaver pottery is shown on an 1869 map of Ohio River towns, and had one of the longest production records in the county, somewhere around 40 years.

This crock has a crack on the side and a small chip out of the rim. Neither of these, however, impact on the appearance of the bold decoration.

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Price: $575.

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